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On the road . January 2007 . Greece

map route Greece

Cybercafe ClickXL, Tripoli, 07-01-07
Getting to know Greece

Olympia to Athens
(7 cycle days; 6 rest days; 481km; 5215m)

Olympia to Gialova (106km; 653m)
Gialova to Kalamata (61km; 611m)
Kalamata to Paleologio (Sparti) (66km; 1552m)
Paleologio (Sparti) to Tripoli (61km; 1007m)
Tripoli to Mykines (69km; 426m)

Mykines to Kineta (64km; 525m)
Kineta to Athina (Athens) (54km; 441m)

Messy at times, but humbling nature
There is frost on the ground this morning. My teeth chatter and fingers ache as we dive down from the mountains around Olympia. Even with the discomfort, it is hard not to appreciate the beautifully clear skies with a morning sun that promises some warmth. We weave in and out of small rural villages. Elderly women clad in black wander in and out of local stores and old men saunter up and down the roads, often stopping at a bench to rest the legs...

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survival sheet Tip of the month: survival sheet comes in handy in the cold
Simon & Pierre-Yves - two French guys we joined up with in Greece - told us about this great tip: If it gets too cold for you to handle it in your tent, then lay a survival sheet on the floor underneath your matresses. For temperatures well below zero, you can place one over the top of the inner tent as well. They are light to carry and every cyclist should have at least one in their first aid kit anyway. Obviously, they are not indestructable, but replacing them at intervals during your cycle tour is not really going to break the budget.

And for those of you who suffer from cold feet at night:
Wrap your Goretex jacket around them before you zip the sleeping bag up. It is guaranteed to keep your toes toasty warm throughout your well earned sleep.


Olympia - Alexandroupoli (Greece)
1406 kilometers and 450 meters
Riding days: 17
Alti meters: 13008 meters
Weather: sunny and at some stage even warm!
Best accommodation: Camping Athens, very well looked after, great sanitary facilities. Just a shame about the highway...

Special thanks to:
Everybody who sent us best wishes for the new year via email or the guestbook and all of you who wanted to but forgot ;-) • The man who jumped out of his car while we climbed towards Sparti, to give us a bag full of oranges • Nicole Reuter for contacting us in Spain and writing an article about our cycling adventures for the Surdeutsche newspaperSimone & Pierre Yves for being on the same road as us and the fun times whether we were cycling or not cycling together.

01: spoke (Ali again)
01: replaced worn front tyre Ali (after 8000km!)
08: back break cable (Ali)
29: fixed holes in Ortlieb bags (Son)
29: tent pole (no. 3)
30: Mr Dudley pepper grinder grinds to a halt :-(
31: back rack eyelet breaks off frame on unpaved Greek roads (Ali)

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