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Vatican country information

Vatican City map
State of the Vatican City
Area: 0.44 sq km
Population: 900
Population density: 1780 per sq km
Capital: Vatican City
Passport & Visa


There are no formalities required to enter Vatican City, but entry will always be via Rome and Italian regulations must therefore be complied with (see Passport / Visa in the Italy section).

There is free access only to certain areas of Vatican City; these include St Peter's Church, St Peter's Square, the Vatican Museum and the Vatican Gardens. Special permission is required to visit areas other than these mentioned here.

Getting there

Getting There by Rail

The Vatican City has its own small railway, which runs from the Vatican into Italy.

Getting There by Road

For travel in Rome, see the Italy section. There is a speed limit of 30kph (20mph) in the Vatican City.
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